Rejoice Music is a privately owned company owned by Dennis and Gayle Virkler that sells traditional gospel music via this website. Formed in 1982, Rejoice Music, previously known as Rejoice Records, sells CD’s and MP3’s through this website. Rejoice Records is now a Record Label, and Rejoice Music is the virtual music store where you can purchase any of the Rejoice Records offerings. The business is physically located at 462 Carlock Road in Carlock, IL.


Produce and sell traditional gospel music that will bring glory and honor to God.

It is our belief that there are many types of music with which God can be honored, glorified, and praised. However, since there are already several forms of “Gospel” or “Christian” music being marketed through current retail channels (bookstores, music stores, etc.), it is the goal of Rejoice Records to focus on traditional gospel music, of which very little is marketed through the above channels.

Mail Order

You can call (309-369-6016) or write us (Rejoice Music, 462 Carlock Rd., Carlock IL 61725) to obtain any of our products or if you have a question about what we sell.